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Technology Transactions

At Marquee Law Group, APC, you will find experienced attorneys devoted to full-time drafting, counseling, and negotiating technology transactions. We pull from a vast pool of knowledge that can be critical to any technology company.

Technology Transactions

The Technology Transaction Division at Marquee Law Group, APC, provides multi-dimensional guidance and industry-savvy support to clients, both established and expanding into the field. Our technology transactions lawyers combine the elements of an intellectual property practice with a commercial transactions practice and are trained in best practices in these disciplines, enabling them to meet the demands of a fast-evolving, increasingly global environment.


Our overall commitment to excellence has helped our attorneys adapt to and understand the complex transactions and obstacles our clients face, and provide the assistance and insight they desire from a full-service firm. We actively assist both established and emerging technology sector clients in creating and leveraging new technology platforms and harnessing evolving business models. We help companies maximize the value of their strategic relationships and the return on their intellectual property investments, both domestically and internationally. We work with companies of all sizes, at all stages of development, providing strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, use and commercial exploitation of technology.


Our clients consider us their trusted advisers for their most sensitive and important technology and commercial transactions – both when they acquire, develop or adopt new technologies and IP assets, and when they commercialize, divest, or monetize technology and IP assets.

We operate at the intersection of technology, commerce, regulation, and the law. We help clients anticipate and overcome legal and regulatory obstacles and implement mutually successful relationships with their partners and customers.


At Marquee Law Group, APC, our Technology Transaction Division brings an advanced mix of legal expertise, business solutions and communication skills to negotiation, litigation and risk prevention. Our team works diligently to provide pragmatic legal advice designed to meet your business goals and to further enhance the capabilities of your company.



Our clients rely on us to proactively identify any legal and commercial risks, mitigate problems and safeguard their interests; at the same time, count on us to implement key business plans, stay ahead of market trends and increase the bottom line. Whether our clients are buying, selling, licensing or developing technology-based products or services, we help them attain successful business relationships while protecting their IP assets. With unparalleled legal expertise and business savvy, our clients grow and succeed.



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