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Non-Profit Consulting Services

Marquee Law Group, APC, has a team of experienced professionals that have the expertise to offer a suite of services. Whether it's bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Conflicts and other Policies, our team will make sure you're taken care of.

Non-Profit Consulting Services

We understand that each nonprofit client and situation is unique. We are committed to providing expert guidance and professional resources that support nonprofits in advancing their mission. Leveraging the passions and talents of nonprofit leaders and complimenting them with our own expertise, we extend your capacity to plan, do, and progress.


The Non-Profit Consulting Division at Marquee Law Group, APC, serves the needs of those organizations working to give back to the community at large. We know that, for many nonprofits, finding the capacity to keep up with the government’s requirements that are essential for the legal operation and accountability can be a real challenge—especially for newly started or smaller organizations. Not only can charities encounter problems finding suitably qualified and experienced staff or volunteers to complete the work, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to begin and what is required by law. 


Non-profit organizations face many of the same legal issues as their business counterparts but are often left with far fewer resources. Our team is principled in their support and advice for not-for-profit clients and know certain legal best practices need to be followed when it comes to nonprofits, business, and accounting.


We understand the unique challenges and opportunities a nonprofit can present; if you need tailored, affordable assistance from a legal practice that has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, we’re here to help. The Non-Profit Consulting Division at Marquee Law Group, APC, provides assistance and guidance in all areas of organizational development, from fundraising to staff management and collaboration with partners in the public, private and civil sectors. Building on relationships in the legal and business worlds, Marquee Law Group, APC, will help your non-profit limit liabilities and constraints so you can better and more efficiently achieve your goals.



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